Water Bubble Walls

       A Water Bubble Wall is a clear panel that showcases a majestic water environment. The panel is composed of high quality, light-weight aluminium, acrylic sheet and LED lighted bubble water stream.



Custom water bubble walls are very versatile and can be used in practically any type of business. Large, free-standing fountains can serve as a room or wall dividers. Small, wall-mounted bubble walls can take the place of generic, boring artwork. Bubble walls make for great additions in a medical and dental office waiting rooms, restaurants, spas, bars, and clubs. They can also be used in homes as a part of a man cave, entertainment room or in-home bar.

These fountains can also be custom-made to reflect your company’s style and logo. The best part is that you and your customers or guests will be treated to a cool visual display.



A water fountain can be created of any size and shape to fit with the interior decoration of any home, office or business. It brings pleasant water experience in the indoor as well as outdoor space.

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A bubble wall is a clear acrylic panel that showcases a majestic underwater environment creating a hypnotising flow of bubbles in different patterns. 

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A whirlpool water feature fountain for your home, office, desktop, or garden. Water Vortex Fountains can be created in different sizes and colours.

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Bubble water wall panels have many distinctive features that are very versatile: 

Custom Design: We can custom design a feature to fit any space. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, making them ideal for nearly every type of business office, restaurant or spa. This variance is due to the different size and thickness of each individual bubble wall. Each tank is made to order, therefore smaller and larger tanks may have different bubble patterns. Floor standing, wall hanging, and interior window water fountains are the three main types of bubble walls.

Unique Interior Decoration: Each bubble water wall includes spectacular color LED lighting and wireless remote control. Custom bubble panels are always impressive on first sight and can leave a lasting impression on many visitors. Besides adding a focal point to a room, bubble walls can also be art pieces and room dividers. Each Bubble water walls are unique piece of art and great way to add elegance, relaxation, and entertainment to a home or office space.

Remote Control: Each bubble wall is designed with convenient feature of wireless remote controller. We offer 3 options- RF remote, IR remote or Mobile App remote.

Best Quality & Service: Engineered to last for many years, we use only the best quality acrylic, air pumps, valves and hoses in the market. We offer the best shipping services within India on all our bubble walls and bubble waterfall panels.
Minimal Maintenance:All our bubble walls are sealed/encapsulated for minimal maintenance. Bubble walls also have multiple benefits over aquariums, wall paintings, and artificial plants. They don’t spill water like traditional indoor fountains.
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How to Choose the Best Water Bubble Wall to Compliment Your Space


Different spaces call for different bubble wall fountains. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering the right fountain for you:

Cost. Bubble water walls vary greatly in cost from a few thousand rupees to thousands only. Typically, the larger, free-standing fountains cost the most while the interior window fountains are the most affordable. Adding customized features such as tubing design and having multi-color lights add to the costs. Generally, the bigger the bubble water wall feature, the more expensive it will be. There is a variety of fun, relaxing and elegant bubble walls of each size.

Location. Where you want to put your bubble wall panel dictates not only the size but also the style and lighting. You’d probably get a different bubble wall for a patient waiting room than for a wall-mounted bubble wall behind the bar in a nightclub, for example. Even within the same establishment, different rooms can have different vibes and décor that you’ll want the bubble wall panel to match.

Size and Dimensions. You wouldn’t want to put a large floor-standing bubble fountain in a narrow hallway, nor would you want to hang a tiny wall-mounted bubble wall in a large room with a lot of unused floor space. The ideal size of the bubbling fountain should be in proportion to the size of the space or room. Size is also determined by how dominating the space you want the bubble wall to be.

Style. When it comes to bubble walls, there are two styles: bubble baffle and baffle bubble. Bubble baffle fountains have built-in vertical tubes inside the panels where the bubbles flow upward. In baffle bubble fountains, the bubbles move freely inside the panels. The former gives a more modern and fun experience while the latter offers more of a relaxing, romantic look.

Quality. As bubble water wall features have become more popular, more companies have begun making their own versions of these fountains. However, not all bubble walls are built the same. Some use low-quality materials which result in fountains with mechanical malfunctions, leakage, and shorter lifespans. When looking around at bubble water walls, visit the showrooms of multiple dealers and ask questions about the quality of materials and acrylic used. Reach out online as well to make sure you are getting a quality bubble wall. As with most things, you’ll get what you pay for.

Customization. With bubble walls, you can have a custom bubble wall to fit and enhance the look and feel of a space. Common customizations include colored lighting, styling, sizing, and shape. For a more professional look, custom bubble wall fountains can also be engraved with business logos.

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