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Applications of Water Bubble Walls, Fountains and LED Lights


Corporate Offices: Companies like to show off their opulence with luxurious-looking, hip and stylish architecture, interior design, decorations, and décor. Just like bubble walls can be made to be elegant and evoke relaxation, they can be unique, modern pieces of art that will quickly catch someone’s eye and attention. Bubble walls would be far greater additions to corporate offices that fit the above description because of their modern look and feel.

Hotels: Hotels seek to create an environment that is relaxing, fun and elegant for their guests. Bubble walls can offer all three with their calming bubbles, exciting colors, and a clean, modern-looking frame and shape. Their versatility in color and size enables them to be installed on hotel lobbies of all sizes. Their lighting selection can match the look and feel of the rest of the lobby’s décor.

Bars & Nightclubs: Bars are known to be gathering places of friends and to engage with new people. Nightclubs are known for their pulsing energy. Both establishments are great places for exciting, yet hypnotic, LED light bubble walls that show off their greatest visual display in dark places. Besides the free-standing or wall-mounted bubble walls, these types of fountains can be utilised as the foundation of bar tops, adding to the desired feel of the space.

Restaurants: Bubble water wall features can take on whatever mood one wants, making them perfect for any kind of restaurant, whether it’s a casual family dining spot, a fun hip environment or an upscale or romantic fine dining establishment. The lighting and speed of the bubbles can be customized to match your desired mood. For instance, a yellow-lit bubble fountain with fast bubbles may be a hit with young diners while a dark blue colored bubble water wall with slowly moving bubbles may enhance the relaxing, romantic feel of an upscale dining experience.

Spas & Salons: While trickling of traditional indoor fountains provide a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing sound and look, bubbles walls are another great option. Though bubble walls don’t make a sound, their constant flow of bubbles is relaxing and mesmerizing to watch. 

 Their relaxing effect can be accentuated by being lit with soothing colors such as blue, turquoise and purple. These colored bubble walls create a soothing atmosphere for guests as they wait for services or are having services done.